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Flattop Mountain

Last Saturday we launched an assault on Flattop Mountain.

Ranging in age from 9 to 38, all nine of us reached the top after a couple of hours.

Although this is the most-climbed mountain in Alaska and the vast majority summit the 3510 foot peak, it still gave us a sense of accomplishment to stand on top and look down on the city of Anchorage on one side and up at the Chugach Mountains on the other side.

Alaska Zoo

We’ve done so much on this trip, the days are slipping by quickly. Last week, we visited the Alaska Zoo. The Alaska Zoo has bears and tigers, which is not too uncommon as far as zoos go. It also has a pair of polar bears, which is a bit unusual. But its real charm comes from animals like the bull moose, musk ox, wolverine, and sea otters.

The real treat for me was to see my older two boys enjoying the zoo as much as I did when I was their age. You can see all of the pics in this slideshow.

Eli’s Missing Teeth

Eli’s Missing Teeth

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Eli’s other front tooth was hanging by a thread so he finally got up the courage to pull it. Yay, Eli!

Playing at the Park

We spent an evening at the park playing ball and aerobie with some cousins. This is a good example of why Alaska summers are so great. This shot was taken around 9:00. We didn’t leave until nearly ten o’clock and the sun was still up. See the rest of the photos here.