The Truly World Wide Web

So, the “world wide” part of the web was proven to me recently. I use the Google Analytics tool to track how many hits I get on the various websites I manage. One of the things this tool provides is a list of websites that refer back to mine. I was browsing through the statistics of my personal video site, Timmy and Jimmy, and noticed a link from what appeared to be a toy retailer to the video I made with my kids featuring their remote-controlled car. The interesting thing is that the referring site is all in Hebrew. I found an online translator and here’s the result (apologies to those native-Hebrew speakers for the rough translation):

Amazing operated car by means of remote control.

Car in the spectacular design of car of race in the shades of black with aglow labels with operational journey are amazing.

The car turns a full turn ( 360 degrees ), strong and fast, with battery is claimed 6v. Connection to the short film of demonstration of operational the car:

Turns out the toy car in question isn’t being manufactured anymore and the only information this Israeli toy reseller could find was my website. Go figure. It has generated a whopping two hits so far this month. Maybe I should ask for royalties.

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