Unboxing My Blurb

My photo book from Blurb arrived today. Before I bought it, I wasn’t sure what level of quality the book would have. So, for those of you who are considering a purchase from Blurb, here are a few photos from the unboxing of my first book.

The book arrived via UPS in standard book packaging.

I ordered an 8 in x 10 in landscape hardback with dust jacket. You can see that this is a decent size, but perhaps a bit on the small side for a coffee table book. To show off photos you’re particularly proud of, you might want to order the next size up.

I was particularly pleased with the printing quality. It’s every bit as good as book you’d buy in any large bookstore. The paper is nice and heavy. The large, full-bleed photos look fantastic. Some of the smaller images appeared a bit grainy, but not overly noticeable and still attractive.

The binding appeared to be of very good quality. I’m not a bookbinder, but according to Blurb, they use library binding.

Overall, I am very pleased with my new book. The free software provided by Blurb to design the book was very easy to use and the printed book looks exactly the way they appear in the preview mode in the software.

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  1. Pam:

    Dude- that looks awesome! Bring it to church with you sometime so I can see!

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