Is It Plugged In?

coax-w-f-connector For weeks, my cable internet has been a little flaky. Often I would look over at the cable modem to see the annoying amber light looking back at me like the Soup Nazi: “No Internet for you!”

“A quick call to Cox might fix this,” I’d think to myself. Before ever picking up the phone, I’d check the connections, just to be sure. Nobody wants to call tech support only to be asked the infamous Question #0: “Are you sure it’s plugged in?” “Of course it’s plugged in! I’m not an idiot!!”

Somehow the connection would come back to life before I ever dialed the phone.

After another episode tonight, something made me pause and look just a bit longer at the cable running down the back of the desk. “Surely you can’t be serious,” I thought. Leslie Nielsen jokes notwithstanding, I followed the cable to the wall outlet. Even though I haven’t touched the stupid thing in months, the connection was indeed loose. A quick twist and all the┬áblinky lights are green with Interweb goodness.

Stupid outlet. Stupid cable. Stupid me.

Posted April 30th, 2009 in Uncategorized.

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