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Is It Plugged In?

coax-w-f-connector For weeks, my cable internet has been a little flaky. Often I would look over at the cable modem to see the annoying amber light looking back at me like the Soup Nazi: “No Internet for you!”

“A quick call to Cox might fix this,” I’d think to myself. Before ever picking up the phone, I’d check the connections, just to be sure. Nobody wants to call tech support only to be asked the infamous Question #0: “Are you sure it’s plugged in?” “Of course it’s plugged in! I’m not an idiot!!”

Somehow the connection would come back to life before I ever dialed the phone.

After another episode tonight, something made me pause and look just a bit longer at the cable running down the back of the desk. “Surely you can’t be serious,” I thought. Leslie Nielsen jokes notwithstanding, I followed the cable to the wall outlet. Even though I haven’t touched the stupid thing in months, the connection was indeed loose. A quick twist and all the blinky lights are green with Interweb goodness.

Stupid outlet. Stupid cable. Stupid me.

Alex Fixed the Car

Well, after 200,000+ miles, the headlights on my car were so yellowed and aged that you could barely see the bulbs. Cars overtaking me on the highway would cast my car’s shadow in front of my paltry beams. So, today Alex replaced them for me. Okay, so I helped. A little.

Check out some of the photos:



The Memorial in Fall

I work across the street from the Oklahoma City National Memorial. In fact, I see the eastern side of it from my 8th floor window every morning as I make coffee. It has become a familiar part of the neighborhood. For the past several weeks, the trees have been in full Autumn color. Last week, as I headed to the parking garage, I realized I had better get some pictures before the inevitable winds picked up and took away the beautiful foliage.

I spent about an hour and a half walking through the site, thinking about that fateful day. While walking in front of the field of empty chairs, all of the feelings of that day came rushing back. The chaos of the morning trying to make it home from the city, the anxious waiting to see who was pulled alive from the wreckage, and the sorrow for those who lost loved ones.

Yet, in that place among the beautiful trees, there was a sense of serenity and peace. I’m sure that what the designers had in mind, but it was an amazing experience nonetheless.

Unboxing My Blurb

My photo book from Blurb arrived today. Before I bought it, I wasn’t sure what level of quality the book would have. So, for those of you who are considering a purchase from Blurb, here are a few photos from the unboxing of my first book. (more…)

Photo Book logo I found a link to a company called Blurb on the Flickr website where I keep a bunch of my photos. Blurb lets you create a photo book from your pictures and professionally prints and binds the pages. It’s supposed to be like your own custom coffee table book and the samples on the website looked really nice.

I went out on a limb and created a book, but it won’t be here for a week or two. I hope it looks good. I’ll post some pictures of the finished product when it gets here.

The Truly World Wide Web

So, the “world wide” part of the web was proven to me recently. I use the Google Analytics tool to track how many hits I get on the various websites I manage. One of the things this tool provides is a list of websites that refer back to mine. I was browsing through the statistics of my personal video site, Timmy and Jimmy, and noticed a link from what appeared to be a toy retailer to the video I made with my kids featuring their remote-controlled car. The interesting thing is that the referring site is all in Hebrew. I found an online translator and here’s the result (apologies to those native-Hebrew speakers for the rough translation):

Amazing operated car by means of remote control.

Car in the spectacular design of car of race in the shades of black with aglow labels with operational journey are amazing.

The car turns a full turn ( 360 degrees ), strong and fast, with battery is claimed 6v. Connection to the short film of demonstration of operational the car:

Turns out the toy car in question isn’t being manufactured anymore and the only information this Israeli toy reseller could find was my website. Go figure. It has generated a whopping two hits so far this month. Maybe I should ask for royalties.

My Friend Bob

I learned this morning that my friend and co-worker, Bob, passed away. Bob and I shared a tiny office when I first started at ODEQ. He had already been in the field of water quality modeling for quite some time and graciously and patiently answered all my newbie questions. During my first few years, Bob and I traveled most of eastern Oklahoma. We trudged through streams, hauled equipment through fields filled with cow patties, and shared meals at some of rural Oklahoma’s finest eating establishments.

Bob, you will be missed.

Dog Days

It’s hot. Too hot.

Knik Glacier

I’m finally getting around to posting the rest of the pics from our trip to Alaska. My uncle flew Eli and me up to Knik Glacier in his Cessna 172 floatplane. We took off from Fire Lake in Eagle River, flew up the Knik Arm, and followed the Knik River to the glacier. Just east of Knik Glacier is Colony Glacier which calves into Lake George.

Flattop Mountain

Last Saturday we launched an assault on Flattop Mountain.

Ranging in age from 9 to 38, all nine of us reached the top after a couple of hours.

Although this is the most-climbed mountain in Alaska and the vast majority summit the 3510 foot peak, it still gave us a sense of accomplishment to stand on top and look down on the city of Anchorage on one side and up at the Chugach Mountains on the other side.